If you’ve been on Facebook for more than five minutes, you’ve probably encountered some kind of advertisement with a long description – almost like a story – and a call to action at the bottom with an interesting photo, graphic, or video attached.

This kind of advertising style is an entry point into many different kinds of sales funnels, which are designed to sell you on a process, product, or service by telling a story.

Initially, many of these sales funnels were simply videos that disabled player controls – you couldn’t stop, pause, rewind or forward the video. You had to watch it from beginning to end!

You too can use this style of advertising to help yourself make a few bucks.

Start With Your Platform

Before you can even consider how your sales funnel will work, you need to determine how you will actually build your sales funnel!

There are a number of ways to do this. One of the most common and popular paths people take are by signing up for Clickfunnels. However, this can be a very costly method, so you may want to think of the different ways you can save money and build something similar.

Here are some other popular easy-to-use platforms to set up a sales funnel:





Once you decide on the platform that you’re going to use, it’s time to think about what you’re going to sell!

Defining Your Goal

Let’s be clear and agree that a click funnel is built for one specific purpose:

To sell something.

If you want to make money as a musician, it’s important that you understand that you need to approach your efforts as a business owner. In a world where most serious musicians either get a job, are homeless, or still live with their parents, the ones who “make it” have figured out what their specific goal is.

Everything you do needs to be focused on this one single goal.

Your click funnel is going to help bring customers into a space where you can entice them with your product, service, or simply trying to expose them to your music (that way, if they like it they’ll go buy it or stream it on their own – it’s not smart to try to sell a single by itself outside of popular music platforms like iTunes).

Write Your Story

Human beings for thousands of years have told each other stories around a campfire, in their homes, and in written form. It’s hard-wired into the way we are – now, stories are told in a useful way and not just in our movies and television shows…

…they are being used to sell.

There are many different styles of click funnels, and it’s probably important to mention that using the terms sales funnel and click funnel loosely might cause some confusion. To clarify:

A sales funnel is a process established from when a customer first interacts with a product or service advertisement all the way through the actual purchase of said product or service.

A click funnel is an internet-based version of this, designed to be completely automated for the business or individual operating it.

If you want to make money as a musician, the easiest way that you’re going to be able to do this is to try and create something to sell and completely automate it!

However, you have to think of what your customers would be willing to pay for and why it’s valuable to them.

For instance, if you purchased the Musicians Make Money e-book, its value comes in the form of convenience. If you’re a fan of the blog articles, then you’ve probably read many of the chapters that are included in the e-book. The convenience of being able to take these articles with you on your smart phone or tablet is what makes it worth purchasing.

There is a sales funnel attached to this book, and it’s in the form of the front page of MusiciansMakeMoney.com which acts as both a home page and a landing page to sell the e-book.

The reason this book sells so well is because musicians all around the world want to know how to make a living doing the only thing they truly love to do – make music, play music, teach music, and do anything music-related.

If you’re reading this in the form of a website article or the e-book, then you’re in the same boat! So the question is…

…what’s your story?

Test Your Click Funnel

Every time your fans, listeners, or customers visit your click funnel, they are having what is known in the web developer world as a user experience (UX). The front-facing design, how the website acts, and how fast it loads content all determine how well a UX will be.

Your design is incredibly important; if your click funnel looks like it was designed in 1997 then it will scream “old” and possibly “SPAM!”. Many third-world countries, unfortunately, have a lot of scammers using old and outdated website building platforms and have built a bad reputation for these older website designs.

Besides – you want to be fresh, hip, and modern if you’re selling your music or merch to fans around the world!

The key here is to test the funnel not only by yourself, but confide in your friends, family, and colleagues to see what they think. Does it strike them as effective? Would they buy from you if they were looking for what you had to offer?

In addition, make sure that all of your back-end systems work to collect emails, take payments, provide cookie and privacy information, among other important features that you may have integrated.

There are entire books dedicated to build sales funnel systems, and more specifically click funnels! Making money as a musician requires that you have a solid system in place to help automate your goals.

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