About MMM

MusiciansMakeMoney.com is a website dedicated to helping my fellow musicians earn a living doing what they love.

Unless you’re a famous instrumentalist or singer like Wynton Marsalis or Josh Groban, you’re probably never going to be a millionaire making music. However, if we’re being realistic, it’s entirely possible to at least pay the bills!

Hundreds of musicians search “how musicians make money” on a daily basis, and this was the inspiration for this website. I’ve written many articles on this subject – and continue to do so – so that you, the hungry musicians, can make a living with your art.

It’s not easy; I started a company, Cassus Media LLC, just to be able to provide a vehicle for myself to earn a living surrounding music and media. No one really wants to be stuck in an office punching data into systems and earning just enough to get by. It’s a soul-draining society for musicians…

…but has it really ever been easy?

The good news is, in the 21st century technology has opened the doors for musicians to perform on a level playing field, and everyone has a fair chance to make money doing what they love to do.

We no longer have to solely rely on rich donors to make our dreams come true and finance our musical endeavors – we can take the DIY route and create our own success!

With that in mind, I hope MusiciansMakeMoney.com is a useful website for you and helps you to find a way to do what you love for a living.

Yours in music,

Paul Cassarly | Author, MusiciansMakeMoney.com

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